Hijama Cupping Treatments – Benefits and Risks

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Hijama cupping methods are an ancient form of therapy which started getting popular because of many olympic athletes were seen with cupping marks on their back (such as the swimming team of America and UK among others). But what are Hijama Benefits and Risks? is it effective for all diseases?

Hijama involves using cups to create a vacuum on various points on the body – commonly the back, to unblock areas which are blocked – often needling (acupuncture) is used in conjunction with it – sometimes even bleeding certain points on the back is also carried out.

Hijama Cupping on Patient

This method of therapy is highly risky – this is because, cupping therapy is mainly a sedative action – there is no tonification involved. This means that if a very weak patient does hijama cupping, especially any form of bleeding, they are not only risking their life, but are shortening it.

Cupping therapy was also carried out by the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) – and is often talked about in Islamic context – but one needs to understand, that we need complete information on a topic before relying on it – and unfortunately, this is not understood in Pakistan, let alone worldwide; as proper Eastern Medicine translation is hard to find, and even if it is translated, it is a very poor form of translation, with not enough contextual understanding and more research.

Hijama Cupping is a very small sub-branch of Acupuncture and has been used for thousands of years in oriental countries – hence the reason we are posting this article – it is not a complete form of medicine however – and the reason sports athletes in olympic teams get away without too many problems after cupping, is because their bodies are at their best condition, and they are taking care of it with the best of nutrition and exercise – a little sedation on their tense muscles can be beneficial – but this is not applicable to most of the population.

If someone with a weak condition, that requires a tonification approach and gets hijama cupping treatment, they are surely going to get further damage and reduce life span.

It is important to understand, that anything that is medicinal, is also dangerous when used incorrectly, because medicine has the nature of being poisonous – we benefit from the poison by using it to create a medicinal effect – but a full understanding is required before we can do that, otherwise half knowledge is dangerous.

Risks of Hijama Cupping:

  • Worsen Current Condition
  • Drain Body’s Capacity to Heal
  • Can onset another condition if not used properly

Hijama Benefits can include:

  • Can help relieve pain for athletes and people who have kept their bodies in their best condition (exercise 4-5 times a week for more than 1-2 hours).

Who Should NOT use Hijama Cupping:

  • People with back back should not use cupping
  • Undiagnosed pain which you do not know the reason why it is occuring
  • Knee pain patients should not use Hijama methods
  • Diabetic patients should not use Hijama methods
  • Cancer Patients should not use Hijama treatments as it will sedate the body
  • Hijama does not work for Skin Diseases
  • Sciatica problems cannot be fixed by Hijama Therapy
  • Hijama will not be effective for Weight loss

Other Important Factors:

  • Hijama Treatment centers in Pakistan are not qualified enough to diagnose the condition. Whilst treatments may work, it is a hit and miss for each condition – diagnosis is important – just because a treatment is natural, does not mean there are no hidden dangers to it – so please use with caution.

Frequently asked questions about Hijama Therapy

Can Hijama cure Cancer? 

No. There is no evidence to prove that Hijama Therapy or cupping, can cure cancer – it is a sedation only method, and will only weaken cancer patients and speed up the cancer growth.

Can Hijama Help with Fertility conditions?

No. Hijama is a sedation method, and not effective for fertility issues. Fertility issues would require a detailed diagnoses by a certified Acupuncture Doctor who will be able to help.

Can Hijama Therapy help for Memory?

There is no evidence that Hijama Therapy can help with memory.

Can Hijama cure Diabetes? 

No. Diabetes is a condition due to diet. Hijama will not help diabetes in any shape or form.

Can Hijama help with Thyroid problems? 

No. Hormone problems cannot be fixed using Hijama, including Thyroid – this is because hormones are a complex problem, and bloodletting, or sedation on various parts of the body will not affect the outcome of the thyroid gland.

What are the side effects of Hijama Cupping?

Hijama cupping when done correctly should not have side effects. If done incorrectly, will cause pain or other side effects. As explained already, Hijama is not a complete medical system, and has been part of acupuncture for thousands of years.

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News: You can Now Register as an Acupuncturist in Pakistan

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The NCCAD is now taking registrations for acupuncturists in Pakistan (Nationwide) – this will be only for a limited time for currently practicing acupuncturists to register and join the system.

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  • Protection from current and future Laws within Pakistan which may Limited your Practice

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What happens after registration? 

After registration and approval you are sent a welcome email, and your publishable details are published on the website – you are also given exclusive access to resources and courses on acupuncture before being publicly available.

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