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The NCCAD is now taking registrations for acupuncturists in Pakistan (Nationwide) – this will be only for a limited time for currently practicing acupuncturists to register and join the system.

The benefits of registering are as follows:

  • Recognition as a Professional Practitioner
  • More Clients via Our Website and Marketing of Acupuncture Awareness
  • Resources and Free Workshops on Acupuncture for continued professional development (these will be held at all major cities in Pakistan).
  • Protection from current and future Laws within Pakistan which may Limited your Practice

Click the button below to start your registration process today – don’t delay, as there are new laws that are coming in place, which will prevent new registrations.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via our page here, or read on eligibility requirements that will be placed – if unsure, please fill out this form, and we can instruct on how to proceed.

What happens after registration? 

After registration and approval you are sent a welcome email, and your publishable details are published on the website – you are also given exclusive access to resources and courses on acupuncture before being publicly available.

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